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dug up some rather alarming facts about Doug’s past that Christina should probably be aware of.For example, in October of 2010, Spedding was hit with a protective order following felony domestic violence charges.What are you seeing with the wheat crop so far this year? “I think it’s going to be very disappointing in Sumner County. From the field plot tour, some of the guys farther south already had fields zeroed out. This year, I’m hoping for a 30-bushel average.” When will you begin harvesting?

“This range of broad experience has provided him with a deep understanding of the critical role that agriculture plays as an engine for economic growth and rural community development.

These attributes are ideally matched to CNFA’s mission to use market-driven approaches to bring sustainable agricultural development to underserved regions of the world.” CNFA works with businesses, foundations, governments and communities to build customized local and global partnerships that meet the world’s growing demand for food.

November 13 of last year was our last moisture until April.

Christina El Moussa is reportedly dating a new fella by the name of Doug Spedding.

In addition to wheat, he also raises corn and soybeans. We’ll probably have an above average yield, but acres are down—down 25-30% in wheat acres." Compared to last year?