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He previously said: 'She’s a gold digger and she’s very false, in fact she’s 100 per cent fake and my son and we are all finally seeing through her.' This morning Makhdoom tweeted a cryptic message calling for 'patience' as the dust settles after their astonishing feud.

It was clear from very early on that Faryal is interested in Amir's money and fame and we told Amir so that she's a bad choice.'We all make mistakes. She wrote: 'I'm sure you left your family because they robbed you? Stop making false things up.'Accusing other boxers just because your boxing career is finished. Joshua, 27, laughed off the claims by posting a video of Shaggy's hit single 'It Wasn't Me'. Bad company.'Bad role model, always around women, alcohol and then he calls himself a Muslim and runs a charity.'I'm sorry to all the fans & family hurt by this.

It's good Amir has reached to the conclusive fact that she's a cheater, selfish and greedy. ' She later deleted her wave of tweets about the split. He then tweeted: 'Bantz aside, I hope you guys can resolve your situation or this is a hack as we have never even met! I'll just let it go.'I'm not the one who's been in the papers every month with my pants down. But amir did not need to do stupid tweets accusing others when he's in the wrong.

On Friday night, the pair fought a remarkable war of words in front of millions as champion boxer Khan announced their break-up and accused his wife of cheating with heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua.

Makhdoom later claimed her account had been hacked and deleted nearly all of her tweets from the row.

A Khan family source told Mail Online: 'Amir and Faryal have split up. There have been problems in the relationship for a long time and they were headed for a separation. Another Khan family source told Mail Online: 'Faryal is evil.