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Olympienne en 2006, elle s’est classée 10e, inscrivant ainsi le meilleur résultat canadien en couple …

Double médaillée d’argent au Championnat du monde junior.

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Sometimes their interactions can even get a little saccharine sweet, but the plus side to that is we get to read about an alpha male who isn’t afraid of his feelings or expressing them to his heroine.

Between the sexy times and secrets revealed, Nicole Leapheart's alter ego is Miss Boxy Frown, and she posts book reviews and TV recaps at missboxyfrown.

He's unlike the other wealthy patrons who dine at Le Bistro.

Davison sees more than just a coat-check girl working her way through grad school.

As author Sofia Tate reveals the layers of underpinning , we are taken from the standard sexy-times billionaire story to a meatier romantic suspense.