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is Croatia's most famous destination city, its walled old town encapsulating the best of seaside life and the prosperity of medieval Dalmatia.Dubrovnik is one of the Eastern Europe's must-see cities - its number of visitors increases every year for good reason! Embroidered folk costumes, traditional song and dance, and an exciting calendar of festivals and holidays mean that visitors to Croatia can begin to understand the country's identity and enjoy themselves at the same time.

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Many know Slovenia for its natural wonders; caves, mountains, and lakes in this Eastern European country are big attractions.

For example, Lake Bled draws both locals and visitors who go there to be awed by its blue waters and white-capped mountains.

The countries of the Balkans are classified differently depending upon what factors you're using, and Southeastern Europe is a good description for those countries that occupy the southern corner of Eastern Europe.

And, as for everyone else - they're so far east there's no disputing the fact that they're a part of Eastern Europe, but East Eastern Europe seems redundant.

Here, as in other Slovenian sanctums of nature worship, a castle adds to the fairy-tale scenery.