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Corbin's debut reads like a Farewell to Arms for the truck-pull set and lays out a hero's code for existentialist country boys everywhere.Hemingway's code hero, we remember, accepted that the world was full of chaos and pain, yet he faced down such severe limits with courage and grace under pressure.

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Corbin broke through after a cousin was able to get Corbin's demos into the hands of record execs at Universal, who promptly signed him.

It's been a remarkably quick rise to the top, even by Nashville standards, which generally churns out copycat stars as fast as possible.

He gives credit elsewhere, citing the production of Carson Chamberlain—and damn right; it's a terrific-sounding set of polished steel-guitar-and-denim retrograde urban-tonk—but he doesn't say a whole lot about any of it, preferring to let the songs speak for themselves, and they are songs that further the code hero's ethos.

On the record's first track (and second single), Corbin establishes himself as a guy whose philosophy is to “Roll With It” when life gets turbulent.

He's a throwback to at least the neo-traditionalist country movement of the '80s, and sometimes further back into the countrypolitan strains of the ‘70s.