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“We always meet up for dinner, so of course dinner’s on them and I always get to choose where to go.

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“I just had a guy messaging me from New York and he wants to fly me down there whenever I can come,” she says. But I want to bring a friend so that I feel more comfortable.’ And he’s going to fly her down too.” Mikayla adds that she’s not nervous about it like she was when he first suggested it, because her friend will be with her. The club has placed ads in the student newspaper to invite students to a Facebook forum about the subject. We’re not doing it to end this happening on campus, but moreso to talk about it, see what people think, and our hope at the end of it is that through this there may be some people examining their own lives, their own sense of where do they get their purpose and their meaning in their life,” says Melanie Dreger, one of the Christian group’s advisors.

She wants to have fun with this money while she can. “The discussion is just a healthy thing to get different points-of-view interacting with each other.

And we went to all my stores—he never even stopped me—I just felt bad after a while so I stopped myself. Basically they just take care of you.” The U of A ranked fifth on Seeking Arrangement’s top-20 list of Canadian universities that babies attend (125 sugar babies signed up from the U of A in 2012). I actually don’t like that word because it seems like we’re preying on somebody when, really, that’s just the trend we noticed on our website,” Gwynn says about the high number of post-secondary students now accessing the site. It’s kind of an urban legend, a myth that people hear about.

But Seeking Arrangement’s public relations manager Jennifer Gwynn says they don’t target university and college students, despite the fact that students can upgrade to the premier membership for free. They think about Mr Big from ) and they don’t think that it’s a real thing.

And then they talk to people who are in this lifestyle and they realize that this actually does exist and they search Google for the website and they find us or they see us on TV or in a college newspaper.” Eighteen-year-old Georgia heard about the site on an episode of when he was talking to sugar babies and Seeking Arrangement’s CEO Brandon Wade.