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He says nice things, but they're also boring things, and Dana's reactions are all of the "Tee-hee! Eventually, I fully investigate the mystery file as well, which requires a seemingly unending series of phone calls, database searches, and mail deliveries as I uncover more and more information about something that, having just completed the game a few hours ago, I can't entirely remember.

But I'm pretty sure it was shocking because I wrote in my notes "Shocking." The lack of an exclamation point, however, might be a sign of insincerity.

On top of all that, I'm also supposed to be investigating a mysterious note I find in my desk related to a long-forgotten legal case.

Naturally, this being a simulation, there are only so many hours in the day to get all my work done, find time to relieve stress, solve the mystery of the case file, and try to seduce one of my bosses.

Lowering my stress level requires free time to enjoy activities such as going to the movies or eating out, but having free time means leaving work at a reasonable hour, which means having less time to get work done as well as earning less money since working late pays overtime, meaning I earn less money to spend on stress-relieving activities.