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We get a glimpse of Daenerys's future capabilities when she's literally tossed into an arranged-marriage bed with the muscle-bound 6'4" ruler of the semibarbarian Dothraki clan.

This fragile-looking, tiny woman, until then a virgin, soon has him in her sexual thrall, ready to seek world domination at her bidding. Martin's dungeons-and-dragons fantasy novels, once regarded as the exclusive province of adolescent boys of all ages, has emerged as a pillar of our Golden Age of Television alongside , with 8.9 million viewers tuning in for the season six finale alone.

As it happens, the two stars are always accompanied by other friends and co-stars.

There is no confirmation as to the alleged breakup of the actor and Leslie as well.

He co-stars with the world's most desirable woman and dating Clarke gives him an excuse to hang out in a warmer climate instead of spending all his time north of the Wall.