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Smug Nathan's plan starts to unravel when Bethany is forced to admit that she can't find her passport (thanks to mum Sarah cutting it up).

With the clock ticking, and bent copper Neil keeping Sarah and Gary in the dark, will Nathan manage to smuggle Bethany out of the country?

Michelle Fowler heads out on a date this week with Tom, the man she met on the Tube.

Michelle kindly helped out her fellow passenger when he had a nosebleed, and then bumped into him again on the Tube. Probably not, as we've also seen Tom standing outside looking at a number of pictures he'd secretly taken of Michelle on the train.

Cue a bottle of wine and a heart to heart for Erica and Kevin, which leads to Erica leaning in for a kiss. Leela finally realises who her stalker is this week – but her ordeal's far from over.