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This website has helped me become more knowledgable about biomeds and that everything is going to be okay Thankyou so much for putting your story out there and giving hope to everyone .

I’m tired of the worry and embarrassment of suddenly having to leave work “sick” because of an accident. I’ve been seeing a buzz on chat rooms about a bowel management system called Peristeen. The system was introduced in Europe in 2006 and received FDA approval for use in the United States in October 2012. clear plastic water bag, which is filled with lukewarm tap water that travels via tubing through a small hand-held control unit and a squeeze-ball hand-pump to another tube with a twist-lock on the end that connects to a hydrophilic-coated rectal catheter.

(read about that here) Now let me tell you about our experience with DMG and TMG….. Sletten (Our DAN doctor.) he started Anthony on methyl b-12 injections, hoping it would help with Anthony’s speech and stimming behaviors (toe walking, drooling, repeating words, head dragging.

) When we started them I didn’t see instantaneous results.

A few months later it was obvious that the DMG was working.