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Idea: The three awesome bears are arriving in Bulgaria again. Description: We created an installation in Sofia’s center where everybody could make a selfie with the bears through a city light and download/scan instantly their picture.

Effectiveness: Estimated 144,000 brand awareness, 1050 selfies made, 330 downloads; 100,000 video views, 1600 reactions.

To test this theory, I went the other way around and created a date Time object for a day in each month and converted them to strings using the dd-MMM-yyyy format.

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I was just looking to see if anyone had any background around why this is happening, or had any clever solutions to make this case work. The best solution is to never transmit dates as localized strings between client and server.

I have spent some time searching, and I can't even find someone that has come across the same problem.

Client: Tuk-Tam / Back2Bg Date: September, 2017 Task: To creatively support the campaign’s communication behind the biggest career forum for Bulgarians with experience abroad. (Click CC for Subtitles) Client: Veni & Co Ltd Date: April-May, 2017 Task: To create an upgrade of the corporate identity for the 25th anniversary of the company.

Description: Incorporated from their machines, core skills with the notion of time-trust curve, we created an anniversary logo, crafted a new slogan, developed a short image video and altogether uplifted their presence on trade events. Client: Cabsy Industries & Trade Company Date: March, 2017 Task: To create full corporate identity for a newly established organization.

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