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Realtime graphical reporting Locating non-compliant systems, tracing an outbreak to its source, or determining effectiveness of security policies is effortless with Mc Afee e PO¿s wide array of over 40 pre-defined reports.

Ranging from one-page executive security summaries to detailed information on virus activity, desktop firewall policy, system vulnerabilities, and spam and content-filtering policies, e PO offers administrators graphical data of the information they need.

e Policy Orchestrator enforces compliance and updates.

It enables your administrators to handle enterprise-wide protection using anti-virus, anti-spyware, system firewalls, host IPS, and content filtering.

Profiling is based on rules, customised by the administrator, or templates downloaded from Network Proactive assessment Now a standard part of the e PO solution, Mc Afee Threat Scan provides administrators with a powerful network-based scanner to proactively search for system vulnerabilities.