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I believe in love and look forward to having a family of my own.

Nowadays, there’s an annoying trend among us young people. Don’t play second fiddle to someone else Never settle for second spot.

Most of us believe that being ratchet is the new cool. If you are looking for someone to seriously to date, don’t date these people. Once a while, you’ll realize that every hour you wasted with someone who wasn’t worthwhile would have been very constructive for you in doing something that you just realized you can actually do. You might be that guy who’s always taking her to IMAX and sending her airtime while another guy is doing the actual action.

Many of us keep repeating the same mistakes when it comes to dating and hence the same bad results trail us.

These are relationship mistakes you should avoid completely this year.

It’s something every responsible adult should know. It makes you more principled because you won’t be willing to settle for any or less. .gewd.” I mean guys that yap on Facebook about how great their lives are going yet they are renting a 2000 shilling room in Githurai.