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Every so often, your bank connection in Wave may fail with an error message.In most cases, the connection has simply timed out, and you’ll want to perform a manual refresh in order to re-establish the connection.Incremental upgrades typically aren't necessary unless we're coming from a version of 8 that is older than 8.7, but if you're more comfortable doing incremental upgrades, it shouldn't cause any issues.

You will need to change your password with your bank to use characters other than these five special characters.

We cannot say exactly how much free space is needed, but Google recommends a minimum of 1 GB of free space when installing or updating apps.

This happens because it sees that there is an 8.x database and attempts to upgrade it, and when it hits tables that already exist it will fail with that error.

Just as an example: In 8.x the table for mobile devices is called iphones, in 9.x it's mobile_devices.

If you restore an 8.x database over a 9.x database, it doesn't overwrite the mobile_devices table because that table didn't actually exist in 8.x, but it does put the iphones table in there.