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The findings of both projects provide valuable insights concerning the issues that community heritage organizations are frequently faced with in relation to the online sharing of collection materials, as well as illustrating how community informatics research can be useful to other community organizations contemplating making use of digitization and online services in order to expand their reach. In this chapter they discuss the pitfalls of the ‘cathedralized’ archive and point out the positive aspects of loosening control, hopefully showing how important participation is to everybody involved in the preservation of local heritage.They challenge the concept of expert, curator and participant across online platforms. Social inequalities in the shaping of cultural heritage infrastructure– In Chapter 10 Noah Lenstra discusses the challenges that can occur in heritage projects that involve collaboration between well-funded universities, on the one hand, and marginalized African-American communities in the United States, on the other.The chapter highlights how participatory heritage practice is as much about personal and community enrichment as it is about the collection and preservation of artefacts from the recent past.

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The archive is an institution built around amateur initiative, like many other GLAM institutions that are now fully professionalized.

The archive in this case has become a collecting point for African-American communities and culture in this Southern part of the United States.

The focus here is on working to preserve the community’s archive in collaboration with different institutions such as the Indiana Historical Society, the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis University Library and the Indiana State Museum. Creating an authentic learning environment for school children: a case study of digital storytelling programmes at the Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum– In Chapter 3 Janis Hanley explores the inclusion of school students in the heritage of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, through technology.

The emphasis is on digital storytelling and collection, and this also includes collaboration with teachers.

The questions addressed in this chapter are drawn from research which sought to understand the impact of participatory digital history projects on users. Forgotten history on Wikipedia– In Chapter 7 Henriette Roued-Cunliffe explores the role of heritage on Wikipedia and how this content is linked closely to the interests of those who participate as editors.

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