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The money he’s spending for his marriage is from his fans.Yesung is in an uncomfortable position right now, they’re about to promote another song, and they should be aiming to get a daesang. Before giving my comment about it, let me tell you what’s written in it…

However Kim Joon Hyun PD refuted, “Their story will be broadcast for the meantime, but they have not been confirmed as a permanent couple on the show.

There have been other guests on the show besides these two had expressed their wish to ‘date’, so if they wish, we plan to carry on filming them as well.” When asked what age groups the PD was looking for to replace the Park So Hyun – Kim Won Joon couple, he answered, “We don’t take age into account when we do the casting.

Last night, ELF got shocked with a rumor that Eunhyuk is dating! Some ELF cheer and happy for him, but also there’re some ELF who don’t like it.

Here give you the caps for that rumor that originally came from weibo From two source and also with two different info.

source: soompi Posted by ev3rlastingsujufans.TAKE IT OUT WITH FULL CREDIT PLEASE Recently, Super Junior‘s Donghae and Son Eun Seo were spotted holding hands on their double date with Leeteuk and Kang Sora during a shoot for ‘We Got Married’.