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Opinions differ on just what Nessie is, with some claiming it to be a giant eel, while others have said it could be a massive reptile or even a Plesiosaur.

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Although most of these creatures are undoubtedly just myths, they do occupy a unique place in popular culture, and it’s worth noting that animals like the Giant Squid and even the Mountain Gorilla were once also the stuff of legend.

Here’s a guide to some of the more famous creatures that might be lurking somewhere out there.

Victims of El Chupacabra, which have included cows, goats, and chickens, are typically found dead and drained of all blood, usually with fang or puncture marks somewhere on the body.

The creatures have been blamed for the deaths of thousands of livestock around the world, and unlike most cryptids, a number of supposed Chupacabras have even been killed and examined, but nearly all have been determined to be dogs or coyotes with severe cases of mange.

El Chupacabra was first spotted in Puerto Rico in the mid-nineties, and is said to be reptilian in appearance, with a row of spines on its back and sharp fangs.

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    Special thanks go to Paul Collins (Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford) for actively supporting this work by providing access to the Kish collections, arranging the radiocarbon dating, and for numerous suggestions on this paper.

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