9 simple rules for dating my daughter - Ex wife dating other men

Most people throw in the towel when they feel that is their best option. If the marriage is really over for good (he said ex-wife so I am assuming it’s final) then he has to work on his kids and himself and come to accept the fact that it’s over.It is heart heavy and in many cases, the toughest decision a person will ever make. After doing that, he can start to heal and rebuild.

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Take in case my ex, she was always looking for the greener grass and with all these guys asking her out she threw in the towel.

We have two great kids together but their mom would rather be out partying and sleeping with all the guys in the town.

In the long term, she needs to get help for herself or all she is going to feel is emptiness and regret.

What this woman should have done is talk to her husband—made more of an effort to save the marriage.

Is this type of relationship brand new or is it simply a new take on an old one called "open-marriage?