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bander is not used with a direct object, but it can certainly be followed by a number of metaphors: bander comme un cerf (hard as a deer), comme un tigre (like a tiger). Prim and proper translates easily into bourgeois, upper middle-class, excessively formal, conservative,and, by and large, stuffy.

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Originally used to describe high fashion, or the ultimate in good taste.

Now often used disparagingly to describe pretentious "yuppies".

Especially when she accused the British of being usually gay, and the Japanese of being bastards.

clit Apart from medical journals, noone uses the complete form "clitoris" for what most females consider the center of pleasure (unless they had the misfortune of coming from some African country where it's considered in poor taste to keep it).

Other include: "les roberts", "les nns", "les nichons". Except Popaul looks a bit already like the pink trunk of a tiny elephant - in fact, just like a dick. "); "La voiture est foutue" ("The car is knackered/buggered/fucked (US)" (ie beyond repair)).