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Gå med i det roliga med tusentals medlemmar online nu!

I’m simply reaching out for help to a problem that has spanned a couple decades now.

It’s a radical solution, but an effective one for a motivated person.

In your case, a solution might be to ‘out’ yourself to your wife, asking for her help in monitoring your compulsions, and then get rid of home internet access. Again – this doesn’t have to be permanent – even a temporary extended break of several months may help you to interrupt your habits and give you the space to develop new ones.

- Mameluke then another week pouted at me – a mischievous glance at her husband, said Chelsea. - I think we’re somehow going to ride, and Chelsea will show you a few tricks.

In conversation again intervened and Cassandra, as always, tried to stab Chelsea: Exhibitionist video chat rooms.

I get the sense that you find your exhibitionism and internet sexual activity to be compelling, and are not 100% behind wanting to quit. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t sincere in wanting to quit; rather it suggests that (like any addict) you may be of two minds about giving up this important, if self-destructive, activity.