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Many play mats (or “play gyms”) also have music-makers, lights, etc.Yes, this is the most excitement they have all day.Note that you definitely don’t need these right away (i.e., for a newborn).

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Note that you can usually buy these items used as well.

Newborns and infants love staring up at the different toys and learning how to swat with both their hands and feet.

For a space-saving version, check out the Fisher-Price Space Saver Jumperoo (girls or boys), which folds up compactly (these things take up a LOT of space in ye’ old living room! Doorway jumpers are another alternative; these are popular because you can easily take them down and store them out of the way. From Canada, the original doorway jumper is the Jolly Jumper, which remains a parent favorite today.

The founder made the first sample using a cloth diaper, a soft-action steel spring, and a spreader bar from an old axe handle. Though not the cheapest doorway jumper, it has evolved today into a cult favorite.

Lamaze is also famous for their award-winning soft toys, with classics such as Freddie the Firefly, the Mix and Match Caterpillar, Franky the Hanky Whale toy and many more.

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