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The giant photographs, sized two by one and a half feet, were larger than life in their gilded frames: Diana, the Princess of Wales, was radiant, and Emad “Dodi” Fayed, in open-necked sport shirt, looked equally relaxed among arrangements of lilies and trailing ivy in one of the main windows of Harrods on London’s Brompton Road.

In the background, a bejeweled mannequin in Egyptian robes and headdress stroked a golden harp as if beckoning the portraits heavenward. Here, years earlier, the sphinx heads along the molding had been cast in what appear to be the likeness of one man: Mohamed Al Fayed, the store’s billionaire owner, and the father of Dodi.

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Pointing to a Tottenham Hotspur merchandise shop, Elijah says: 'Here we are outside the deadest team on the planet. 'It needed barbecue sauce, without barbecue sauce there's no way you're backing it. Out of five chips get three.' The wings did not fair that much better.

But we're not here for the team, we're here for Chick King.'During the visit we see our expert pay £6.40 for four wings, chips, a fillet burger and a can of Lilt and a ginger beer. Elijah stated: 'I was expecting the best, because bear in mind fam, this ting cost £6.40.'They were fairly fresh, they fell off the bone quite well, they were well cooked and quite succulent. There was a bit of cayenne, maybe on or two little bits of black pepper and they had a little bit of heat, slightly - very slightly. You can tell because when the ting is fried it's not the one piece of skin that just slides off.'Because of the breadcrumbs, for that I'd say 3.5.

Dodi Fayed was a 42-year-old man/child with a lavish monthly allowance—by most accounts $100,000.

He was charming and generous, but his good intentions couldn’t dislodge his reputation for reneging on commitments and creditors.

Her mystique rested not only on her glamour and vulnerability but also on her monarchical and aristocratic associations.