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Women now report themselves more generally depressed and more likely to think about suicide than at any time in history.

(The vast majority of suicides are still men, by the way.

(Men know the robot orgasm doesn’t exist — unlike the female orgasm, whose existence is still insisted upon by some conspiracy theorists and biological extremists.) And Dildos and vibrators have become a permanent part of feminist iconography.

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Sorry, no offence, but it’s true: women have been getting steadily unhappier since the Second World War, when they first entered the workplace in large numbers.

It sounds bizarre, but ever since the rise of feminism, every decade has seen another slump in female morale.

Feminists always hate when they accidentally get what they want.

They’ve been waging a war on sex on campuses and elsewhere for decades.

Had the relations between the sexes been healthier today, there wouldn’t be much call for sexbots to get in the way. But gender relations in the West are at their worst for fifty years, possibly more, which is why popular men’s bloggers are now asking whether sexbots will replace women entirely.