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(Press Circle button to leap onto ladder) (Use directional pad to maneuver) o Upon reaching the core level of the Makoro complex, Cloud will proceed to initiate the bomb. o You will then have 10 minutes to escape the Makoro complex. o Shortly after, you will encounter Aerith for the very first time.(At this early point in the game, she is identified only as a young girl selling flowers) Aerith will approach you to ask what had happened. ] You will be given a choice to respond: Top Choice - Do not buy [Tip!Please note that this guide will assume that you have at least a minimal understanding of Japanese (katakana & hiragana), due to the extensive length & gameplay of this epic saga.

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Therefore I can’t say much about the main storyline yet.

It seems there is something serious going on between the kingdoms related to Crystals, as usual, but a lot of it seems like a jarring contrast to the upbeat, casual attitudes of Noctis and the gang.

In certain decision points, you will be given only 1 chance to answer them correctly, so be aware of your actions.... Some events require that you accomplish a certain sequence, while others are merely well hidden. There will be several optional/side events throughout the course of your journeys - none of which will have any effect to the primary storyline, whether if you take part in the optional side events or not.

Advises & solutions will be provided to help you cover as much of those secrets that the wizards at Squaresoft have managed to hide within these 3CDs... These optional side events are, however, great opportunities to obtain certain special artifacts or even a hidden materia or two...

For details on the various secrets & tricks encountered so far in FFVII, please refer to the "Tips & Tricks Section", which is located right after the Reference Section.