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The results were very interesting as they found that 46% of these young women were more attracted to photos of men who were holding a fish. Next time you are on your online dating app and have the option to go with the weight room selfie or last weekends Great Northern Tilefish trophy picture, choose accordingly, it could be the difference between you being Hot or Not!

This Google Home initiative is intended to build on that.

The company’s CEO, Hesam Hosseini, explained in a statement, “We’ve found that a good conversation is the number one indicator of a great date, so both Spark and the Google Assistant integration were created to help people easily connect and get the conversation started.” Managing your dating life while also making dinner or cleaning your house sounds like a win for the busy single person. For one thing, you’re letting an already invasive device even deeper into a very private aspect of your life.

Speech-to-text dictation is also still a clumsy enough affair that you may not actually save yourself any time in the end.

Though it, of course, depends on your particular lifestyle.

They’ve positioned themselves as “the leader in conversations,” and they recently launched Spark, a feature which lets you start a chat based on a specific element of someone’s profile.