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The start of 2015 brought major investments into LCS spots; in 2016, Immortals became the first official venture capital team, and from there, the funds ballooned into 2017 where the average NA LCS salary is .

The influx of money brought blockbuster imports to the region, which increased the stock of young native talent.

In a Cinderella story reverse-sweep against CLG on Sunday, team captain Hai “Hai” Liam solidified his place in North American Lo L history as an unrivaled leader and shotcaller.

However, that wasn’t the only thing historic about the 3-2 quarter final victory, it also makes Fly Quest the first team in North America since LMQ in the Summer of 2014 to place in the top 4 after entering the league from the promotion tournament.

have a proven skillset and legacy, there isn’t much scouting to be done.

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    But after having registered you will get the opportunity to communicate with guys and girls not only from Ontario, but also from other areas and regions.

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    From i OS 6 onwards, Face Time for the i Phone and i Pad has supported Face Time calls over cellular networks (3G or LTE) provided the carrier enabled it, which by mid-2013 virtually all carriers worldwide have allowed.