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" Blake's eyes became wide as he caught a glimpse of his sister's round breasts. To his horror, his cock grew rock hard and wouldn't stop throbbing. Her round jugs stretched the fabric of her tank top.

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"Well, there might have been this guy in class--" "Alright, I'm getting my shotgun." Blake stood up.

"You're trying to impress a boy." Blake realized it almost immediately. "If he's anything like me I'll kill him." Jessica bit her lip and looked down, like a child who had been scolded.

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And don't PASTE text inside game - probably flash player will crash.

Despite the cons to being without a cell phone (such as the inability to call someone in case of an emergency), there are many pros to not having constant access to a cell phone, including having more time to focus on goals and activities you enjoy, and complete freedom from individuals who can contact you at a moment's notice.