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But that leading them takes a kind of strength not readily apparent from the outside. I had him fly with me a couple of months ago and he was well behaved. Best: Marcia Hines (Singer/Actor/All round entertainer! John Paul Young was sitting next to her and he was lovely too. Very easy going, wanted nothing but hot water with lemon! This is a man with no class, apart from what hangs off his arm.Gave me the kind of insight into celebrity life that has stood me in good stead every time I have had a celebrity on board since. Haven't had Kylie on a flight yet but I met her when I worked at Blockbuster Video in Fulham, Lonodn. Worst - Philip Noyce...what a rude arrogant p****!!! Jerry Hall - Was hoping she wasnt as beautiful as in her photographs, to make myself and the rest of the cabin crew feel better about ourselves. My favourite: Kylie Minogue Why: Most down to earth of all I've met. Took some of the crew to watch the FA cup final in a pub in LA. Totally different from his public image as seen on tv.. She did look very ordinary though with no make up on. Made a real effort with us all, came and sat on a jumpseat up the front and made us coffee, and chatted for ages.

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Best - Anita Dobson (just after she left eastenders) - very down to earth and friendly. Friend of mine had JAMES BROWN, and his CATS on a LGW - VIE. At the end of the day, they're just like you and me!!!

Worst - Adam Ant - "I don't travel in the back of a DC10 I want a free upgrade, don't you know who I am? :) :) :) Oh must mention Belinda Carlisle's husband, what a dish!

Also, had Tom Cruise on board once many years ago, but I was working down the back at the time. I am not crew, but have flown as a pax alongside several celebrities in my time. Just sat on her mobile phone the whole time and didn't bat an eyelid to anyone. Robert Downey Junior - My first encounter with a celeb, after 35 minutes of feeling pretty pissed off with the other junior crew member, leaving me to do all the galley preps, etc, etc, whilst she chatted to her friends upstairs.

So, didn't get to see much of the little man but the FC crew said that he was fabulous and very kind and sincere. (Only a couple of days after she had named the first VS 340-600 after herself.) Appeared unaffected by everyone staring at her - myself included. ;) Treat them like an honoured guest and most of them will respond by behaving like one. : D Asked me could I sit with him after that, so I got us both a can of coke and sat. We talked all through the night and across the Atlantic about the vagaries, the ups and down of an itinerant life. In he came - I have to admit I think he was a little stoned, but cool.

I read the post earlier about Moira Stuart waking up during a flight. But, got me thinking of all the celebrities I've flown during my 30 years in the industry. Worst has to be Nigel Benn, my god, not even B list, and you would think he was a prince. Again I am not Cabin Crew, but a close friend relates this to me:- Quote:--------- "Best Celebrities: Westlife (when they were mere backing boys for "Boyzone"). she's nothing special, by the way...." ( I shall refrain from comment here, but the phrase "wouldn't crawl over her to get to you..." may have been not very far from the surface...) Co-Pilot: "Who's Helena Christensen?