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The studies of the ordinary Grammar (Secondary) School should be brought into closer contact than at present with the practical affairs of life.The interests of children in a subject exhibit a 'rhythm' corresponding to the rhythm of its history.

He had taken a leading part in the preparation of six Reports prepared by the Committee between 19.

It is difficult to find words to express adequately the deep debt of the Committee to this distinguished scholar who presided with such distinction over their deliberations for fourteen years.

In December 1934, Miss ER Conway died and in June 1937, Sir Edwyn Hoskyns.

Miss Conway had been a member of this Committee since 1920, and had taken a prominent part in the preparation of several of our Reports, particularly those on The Primary School (1931) and on Infant and Nursery Schools (1933).

We desire to thank Professor IL Kandel for his memorandum on the secondary school curriculum, printed as Appendix III; Professor HR Hamley for his memorandum on the cognitive aspects of transfer of training, printed as Appendix V; and Professor F Clarke for his memorandum on some influences affecting secondary curricula in the dominions, printed as Appendix VI.