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As I was walking to my car with the last of my stuff I heard someone call my name. " I turned to see it was my cube mate and kind of friend Jessica. I mean if you looked at her she was a beautiful woman who could get a job with a snap of her fingers. She looked from off to the side and I could hear a man say something to her. I was about to decide what to do next when my phone rang! I broke my first rule, checking the email and work sites for offers! When she laughed and said something about not wanting to scare her son he was shocked by seeing that the views disagreed! I had something like a rule where the highest tipper would be the main character. After finding it and turning it on I was bending over to find my robe when suddenly I heard something come from Danny's room! " I quickly pulled my robe on and rushed to Danny's room! For a moment he could have sworn he saw his mom lick her lips as she looked at his slimy cock. Three separate times he looked for his mom but she wasn't on. As we go clothes shopping I decided that I needed to some hotter "house" clothes. I could see the look of determined lust in his eyes as he watched me. What would make me the worse mom, letting him use my body for his carnal pleasures or tease him and never let him have me? I'm lying on his bed, my fingers tangled in that long red hair as the girl ate me while he fucked her from behind! I looked across the hall and saw he didn't have his door closed at all! For the moment he was looking at the screen but he was stroking towards my direction. There was something so wrong but so hot hearing my son say that too me. = = = The next day as Danny was getting ready for school I waited in my room till I knew he was about to leave. I had a very tight top on that prevented me from wearing a bra. "The reason I am helping you is because I love you! I shook my head; I didn't really look at the address since he left the house. When they pulled up to the building Danny looked it over. A good number of windows were boarded up and there were people out front that just looked like they would jump and kill their own mom if she happened to walk by. He would give this a day or two before calling his mom. But he knew that would have gotten them in trouble if his dad found out. She left for a moment then came back also dressed in her nice former work clothes. He sighed as he sat on the ratty couch and tried to watch TV. He saw his dad sitting on the couch with a young girl. But now he was watching her head bob up and down his father's cock as his hand reached over and started to pull her jean skirt up and played with her ass. He closed the window behind him and started down the unstable fire escape. If you going to leave here best do it out the front door. They will either mug you or do things to your little boy butt hole! She smiled as she led him to the front door of her place. " she said with a little grin before going back to her apartment. I'm sorry, I thought my friend Terry lived here." The man kept his eye on Danny. "Sorry about the big guy, that's my stepdad Walt." Terry said as Danny took the glass. Walt stood up and stood in front of her, blocking Danny's view. Danny called his mom, letting her know what happened. They all said that my "return shows" seemed to be the hotter than ever!

The more I do these shows the more turned on I get. The money they offer seems good but I don't think I would ever go that far. They want me to take a hot load on my face or chest. Those naughty sounds my pussy was making and my breathing filled the room as the men tossed money onto my naked body drove me on. The site is very good about not letting stalker assholes find out things about you! I guess years of hearing the stories about crazy internet stalkers where starting to chew on my brain some. As I loaded the page my eyes once again almost popped out of my skull. She moaned, pushing her fingers though my short blonde hair as she told me how good of a pussy eater I was! He heard the music kick on so he made sure to turn his sound off incase something happened. He knew something was up in how she seemed to squirm around when they were watching TV. But that first time he hugged her he smelled something a bit faint about her. She typed up a quick message about not talking because her son was home! He wondered what she would have done if she knew her 13 year old son who was only a couple steps away was watching her! If he could he would print them up for his own little spank book when she wasn't online! She went to work pumping that toy in and out of her sweet pussy. As he watched her pump the toy in and out he looked down at his own cock. She is lying on her side as he enters her from behind. My mind filling with so many dirty thoughts about her. The table we were at wasn't in a busy section so really no one would hear what she would say but she leaned in as if she was going to tell me some great big secret. I was in love with the most amazing woman who made me feel so special and alive! He wouldn't be home to snap juicy screen shots for the homemade mags! But that voice was getting quieter and quieter till it was gone!

So that leads to what the fans consider the next best thing. The thought of filming something that private for their enjoyment is becoming more and more of a turn on. "Yesssss moreeeee" I moaned, not sure if it was only in the dream or in real life but I didn't care! As I sucked and nibbled her pussy lips the thumb of one hand rubbed her hard clit with two fingers of my other hand pumped in and out of her pussy. Someone has their cock between my breasts, giving me a hard tit fuck before they explode. As he stroked with one hand he had his other hand almost hovering over the button to do screen shots. After a couple more screen shots he sat back and worked on jerking himself off. He may have been a little thicker than that bit of plastic. These three scenes kept changing in his head, like someone changing channels on a TV! He kisses and sucks her neck as he reaches around her, rubbing her hard nipples... His mom now has her wrist handcuffed to the head board. Danny is handcuffed to the bed; his mom riding him hard as the cock ring gets tighter, preventing him from cumming. The hold each other's hands tightly as he thrust faster. As I started to rub myself I suddenly imagined the laptop on the dining room table, the chat room open and watching me cock. don't know what happened there." I said, trying to calm down. could I do another quick show while Danny was home? I might go out later with a former coworker, see if there are any leads." I said. And of course I had my great son whose loving hugs and kind words made me feel like I could take on the world! He had to settle for trying to sneak peeks with his phone in the boy's room. "Danny, I am your mother and you really shouldn't be thinking about me like that." "I know, but your so beautiful and seeing you naked turns me on so much! As I made myself cum I laid on the bed, catching my breath. He will make that stuck up bitch pay for not signing those papers!

That's when my former coworker Jessica introduced me to a job that wouldn't care about my age. Yes you might have a number of names for what I do like cam girl or cam whore. I mean I don't have the most fit body in the world compared to Jessica or some other girls on the site but I have gotten myself quiet a bit of a fan base! I would lose Danny and..." Jessica leaned in close to me. I leaned back, reached down and slowly started to pump it in and out. I felt a little weird asking strangers for things but of course Jessica told me what kind of naughty things to put on my list. Moaning as our hands explored each other as we tasted each other's sweetness. It was like someone was flipping channels between two different pornos! I put on my normal Saturday lazy clothes and started to make breakfast. We would log in and set up a shared room where the viewers either tipped us both or would make sure certain tips went to certain girls. Soon he came back with five stapled together "issues". well I wouldn't mind sharing you with Jessica since you two seem like you are a couple." "Does that upset you? Thinking of the mag open to his favorite pictures of me, aiming his cock head at the page, his thick white cum splashing on a close up on my pussy.

The people on the site are so kind to me and to tell the truth, make me quiet horny! My eyes closed as I thought back to the dream I had. I don't know..." I whispered, my eyes glued to the total on the screen. Several kinds of dildos and sexy outfits and some other items that might spice up my one woman shows. Her hands were rubbing my thighs as she worked her tongue all over as my hands squeezed and player with her cute little rear. This time I was back in the room with the faceless men! I had to clean it tomorrow I thought as I started to drift to sleep. " she moaned as she held him tightly, letting him empty every drop inside her. As I stood over the stove and made some eggs I thought about the night before. We would touch, make out, then use toys or just go down on each other. He handed them to me as he took his seat back across from me. I found myself shoving three fingers into myself as more and more nasty thoughts filled my mind!

It was a normal, boring desk job when I messed with papers, did reports. There were many viewers who were saying bye and see you soon but a couple asked if I would be coming back on today. I sat there for a moment, catching my breath and looking over at the clock on my night stand. I quickly cleaned up and dressed as I went to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. There were no crazy asshole in the chat threaten me or anything like that! They didn't know where I lived, not even the state so I was safe! I tried to figure out if I could do another show before Danny got home. Of course I already knew that once those things got to me the people at home would want me to wear the clothes and use the toys. I closed my eyes and for a moment saw myself nude; my legs wide open as I took out the first toy. I smiled and gave it a kiss before looking back at the camera. I was still in my lazy girl clothes but I figured maybe doing a little strip tease may bring in some more tokens! " "I bet he is in his room right now pulling his pud wanting to fuck you! Soon I was hooking my thumbs into the waist band and pulling them down, letting the men see the normal cotton panties I wore. Danny stroked his cock excitedly as it sounded like his mom came, he looked over, seeing Jessica cumming also and soon turning off her cam. And when those shows cam up, one hand would be pumping his cock as the other clicked on the screen shot button! I smiled as I leaned back, letting the viewer see I am already nude. A part of me hoped that maybe the fantasy of the faceless men would maybe over ride the thoughts of Danny. He found his dad left him a key to the apartment but nothing else. And then doing his lady while his boy in the other room? " Soon Danny was in Walt's car as he was being driven home. Olivia covered everything she could think of even if Danny decided to leave his father's care what I would need to do and who to call. = = = Danny was in the shower for a bit before I joined him.