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"We realize the content of our conversation between friends promotes values that have no place in our society and our campus, on top of being unacceptably coarse." But Roy felt the apology wasn't enough.

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Nonetheless, Roy — who received a copy of the conversation via an anonymous email — said she felt compelled to speak out, especially since the five individuals were in positions of leadership on campus.

"They should be held accountable for those actions.

10, while student elections were being held on campus.

The online conversation — a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press — included references to sexual activities some of the five individuals wrote they would like to engage in with Roy, including oral and anal sex, as well as suggestions that she suffered from sexually transmitted diseases.

Ray gave his version from the bench Wednesday: “I had finished my written decision, left the office and while at home in the evening I went online out of curiosity about the website which had been mentioned in evidence.