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Anyone recall whether the Sexual Freedom Coalition played any role in the last big age of consent campaign? Jon A: in reply to the above: I have to say that, although fighting for freedom of sexual expression is important (mainly in the sense that there shouldn't be rules enforced upon us a particular code of sexual conduct between consenting sexual partners), the SFC, as an political organisation seems quite dubious and their intentions quite confused.

In the light of your comments I looked again at the page an found this: "Proposing the motion, Dr Tuppy Owens, editor in chief of the Sexual Freedom Coalition, sex therapist and ex-porn start, said that it has already been established in Denmark that porn damages neither children nor adults.

Spliff: in reply to the above: I once spent an evening in a pub(about 10 years ago) with Tuppy Owens and her cronies and found them to be stupid beyond belief.

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In other words, the guiding principal of the ball is: sex and eroticism are fun; let's all get together in a place where we can enjoy them without being told we're abnormal or criminal for doing so.

Your comment suggests that you also don't know very much about the Coalition or about the Ball.

She proceeded to give 15 good reasons why porn is beneficial in society, with a slide show of hard-core pornography" I myself strongly dispute the results of this said research on grounds of, not just intuition but also a lot of reading I've done on the subject..

But *this aside*, it's pretty much consensus that there is no "hard" proof either way and, moreover, it is said to be impossible to prove inconclusively that porn is harmful (to both children *and* adults).

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    Ze was zo snel aan het veranderen dat ik de noodzaak had om te documenteren hoe ze keek, om mijn herinneringen in tact te houden, zei Hofmeester in een e-mail aan de Los Angeles Times.

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    It’s good for old fans of the game, for players who missed the celebration the first time, or just people who can’t get enough of seeing a character from one game cross over into another game.

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