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After embracing her designer pal, Parker's perfectly made up face appeared to have been soiled by a spattering of fake tan.Despite being a healthy colour, Parker looked positively pale next to the mahogany designer.Self-care is the therapy teacher’s mantra; self-care is what we do to prevent burnout, to protect ourselves – how we remain “okay.” Implicit in this (as with much of the self-help industry) is the view, if you are , despite your best efforts, it is somehow your fault.

I have helped them realise it is absolutely okay to not be okay. When I was training to become a therapist and a counsellor, I was told again and again to be mindful of my “self-care”.

Supporting others – witnessing their pain – exposes us to that pain, and leads (inevitably) to vicarious trauma.

Despite her unfortunate make-up incident, Parker looked sleek in a black bandeau dress with silver beading sleeves and hemline.

Sensibly she opted for black opaque tights to keep her warm as the New York evening plummeted to a chilly 2 degrees Celsius.

Acknowledging when you hurt, when you don’t get things right. When you are fearful and angry and when you just need a break from supporting to be supported.

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