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The new fronds emerging in the spring have a silvery sheen. It prefers moist to well drained shady areas, but can be found in rocky woods hillside, creek banks, and hammocks in swamps.

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Zone:5 - 11 This medium sized fern makes a fine ground cover in wet places.

Grows in very soggy sites as long as it get oxygen.

Zone:2 - 10 Athyrium asplenioides or Southern Lady Fern is one of if not the most graceful and feminine native ferns.

She produces early fiddle heads in spring and as the fronds unfurl they are lime green in color until the delicate lacey fronds mature to a medium green. Easy to grow, this species is native to moist, rich woodlands and creek banks.

Light green fronds and dark reddish-brown stems make this an eye catching border in shady conditions.