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She takes Tigrinya music to a different level by mixing traditional and modern music which is influenced by European, Arabic and African music.For instance, (only junior to the Creator) can be described as one of the most interesting songs from the ‘Res Ani’ CD because of its new style which Ms Helen introduces in the song – a mixture of South African beat accompanied by a gospel-like sound.Helen can easily be compared to the diva of the Eritrean music scene of the sixties and seventies, Mrs Tberh Tesfahunegn, who instilled a strong patriotic feeling in many young Eritreans of the time.

One can feel that there is a controversy in her style, as opposed to her lyricists’ and composer/producers’ input in her songs.

It is bit confusing to tell whether they compliment each other or simply tear each other apart beautifully.

It is vague how deep Mrs Helen’s knowledge of Mrs Tberh is, as there exists a generational divide between them.

But they both share a precious experience in the liberation struggle within the EPLF camp.

It is generally believed Helen is now in her late thirties or exactly 40 years of age[7].