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It is 2.30am on Pandanaran Street, Simpang Lima in the Central Javanese city of Semarang.

The municipal police force has just started its third anti-prostitution operation for the evening.

“We will call all providers, including Google to clean up their network,” added Mr Pangerapan.

The Internet is already partly censored in Indonesia, but the latest steps mark an escalation against a background of growing conservatism in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation.

Suddenly, Fita calls out to a passing kijang van: ‘Poci, poci mister! The vehicle slows to a halt and its tinted windows roll down. The spot-lit surrounds of Simpang Lima, the babbling water in the filthy drains and the scent of the tea combine for a cosy ambience. They chat with the tea seller and puff meditatively on clove cigarettes.