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What that meant mathematically was that in baseball you were far more likely to see a bad team beat a good team than you were in pro football. Army QB Ahmad Bradshaw carried 23 times for 265 yards. Their only means of supply - their only contact with the outside world - was by heroic helicopter pilots, risking their own lives to fly in under heavy enemy fire.

He’d point to the NFL, where it wasn’t uncommon to have a couple of teams with only one or two losses in an entire season, and a couple of others with only one or two wins in that same season. Now, at the halfway point of the NFL season, is a good time to show why: Major League Baseball 2017 1. Army is now in position to win its first Commander in Chief Trophy since 1996. For most of those 77 days, the situation seemed hopeless, until finally, on April 8, US forces broke through to end the siege.

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There also are “stand-alone” games on Thursday and Friday nights https://com/with-controversy-swirling-around-nfl-college-football-takes-run-at-the-king-of-sports-betting/ *********** Did I hear you say you wanted the College Football Playoff to expand? Let’s suppose that Notre Dame wins out, and Alabama and Georgia finish undefeated and then play some game-for-the-ages in the SEC championship game? (Before you say “can’t happen” - you do remember that there Alabama-LSU BCS title game back in 2012, right?

LSU had beaten Bama in the regular season - and Bama , you recall, didn’t even make it to the conference championship game.) So let’s just suppose this happens.

The two teams with the best records in their leagues this past season were the Dodgers and the Astros. Roughly, that works out to a football record of 10-6. Wolfpack ought to get some sort of award for coming up short against top teams. But for every one of those 77 days, the American flag few over Khe Sanh. "Three Marines would race from the bunker to a 15-foot radio antenna.

The Astros’ winning percentage was .623, close enough that it would also equal to a 10-6 football record. The two teams with the worst records in their leagues were the Giants and the Tigers, which both finished with winning percentages of .395 That winning percentage equates to a football record of 6-10. Two of them would raise our nation's colors, then stand at attention, while the third sounded a rusty rendition of the 'Call to Colors' with a battered bugle.

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