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That may be because cable is so expensive, and cost-conscious consumers who have options to get programming that more directly meets their desires spend their dollars more precisely.

With an array of choices, this consumer consideration is the ultimate personal finance decision for your homelife leisure -- how to get the maximum quality entertainment tailored to your tastes for the lowest price.

TV which cost 5 last season ( per month) for access to every out-of-market season game.

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There is no single type of antenna that will work for everyone as TV reception depends on your distance from the broadcast signal, its strength, obstructions and more.

With your network antenna you'll have the local market sports coverage from Fox and CBS plus NBC's Sunday Night Football and CBS's Thursday Night Football.

Of course, there's a whole cottage industry dedicated to bringing you NFL games without the need for cable.

Direc TV will sell you NFL Sunday Ticket without a satellite subscription for out-of-market games, so that you can watch them online, but it costs from $199.96 - $359.96 per season, depending on the level of services you buy. (YHOO) streamed one NFL game, a deal that cost the technology company a reported $20 million.

John Buffone, Connected Intelligence industry analyst for The NPD Group, says one of the big changes this year is increased affordability of these devices with an average one-time price as low as $35.