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As I mentioned earlier, understanding the negative effects of watching porn and doing something about it is so much more important than knowing the whys.

Whether you're a man looking at porn or his partner, don't make the mistake of minimizing or ignoring what it does to you and your relationship.

It has the obsession, an unwanted intrusive thought: It’s not just “what if I’m gay?

” If it were that easy, you could put it to rest with, “Well, I’ll be gay then and my gay self will be cool with it.” It’s a fear of being trapped, of losing your sense of self.

Below are some reasons from the article, , by my colleague, Jed Diamond, Ph. As you read them, notice that of these 8 reasons, only 4 really have to do with sex. Diamond had to say: As a therapist I talk to many men and women where pornography has become a problem in their lives. "If we've agreed to be true to each other does having ‘virtual sex' in an on-line chat room constitute being unfaithful? "I know men are different and have different sexual drives, but if I can't trust him to be honest where will it end? For others it creates anger and distance in the relationship. I've discovered some other significant reasons why men watch porn in my counseling for men who are struggling with internet porn.