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To take a postal chlamydia test you don't need to be examined, just give a quick urine or vaginal swab sample.

With our home STI test / STD test kit this can be done privately in the comfort of your own home avoiding embarrassing visits to your doctor.

Tests for HIV and Syphilis will require a finger-prick blood sample, so you may choose to opt-out if you are not comfortable with this.

We'll let you know which infections your sample is being screened for when you order your STI test kit.

Our 'offline' Smart Kits include everything you need you need to collect a swab urine sample.

Simply check out our local pages to find a local stockist local.

Once you've collected your sample, simply pack it back in the box provided to be returned to our specialist laboratory for testing. Remember to keep the top part of the form as you can use this to track your sample online.