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The Financial Ombudsman says this is a growing problem."Our guidance would be, never hand over your card details to anyone – your bank will never ask for them," said a spokesman."If you are contacted by your bank informing you that you have been the victim of fraud, hang up the phone and call the bank yourself, from another line if at all possible." Graphene Graphene is a man-made material similar to carbon that is being developed for use in products such as electrical circuits, batteries and display screens – but it is unlikely to be used commercially until 2020.

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They then advise the victim to call the bank, but stay on the line and pretend to be a bank representative, persuading the victim to transfer funds, withdraw money or reveal security information.

With the ''courier'' version, a fraudster picks up the card from your home, sometimes providing a fake replacement, or a genuine courier is hired.

Fans are being advised to purchase tickets and packages only from the official Rugby World Cup 2015 site, rather than secondary agents.

If you don't buy your ticket through the official channel you could become a victim of fraud, and not get your money back.

When businesses are closed or have limited staff cover, they are particularly susceptible to fraudsters, who target the systems to make international or premium rate calls.