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Here are 5 Free Video Chat Apps for i Pad that let you video chat on i Pad with your friends.All these i Pad video chat apps are completely free.With this free video call app on the i Pad, you can chat both using the speaker mode or an earpiece and switch between these two modes during calls.

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Skype App for i Pad has made video chatting with buddies very interesting as you can make calls to Skype users on all sorts of devices from desktop computers to Skype enable TV’s, mobile phones and i Pods.

You can even make direct calls to phone numbers using Skype credit and save costs on regular phone calls.

By just logging in with your Gmail credentials on this app, you can chat, make voice calls and video calls using either the front or rear camera on your device.

Switching between video calls and audio calls or chat is also very seamless on this app.

With this free video chat app, it is also possible to call regular cell phones or send them short messages if you purchase fring out credit.

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