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, we've seen a HUGE surge in popularity for each of the actors in the show.

Millie Bobby Brown seems to be everywhere (more so than last year), Charlie Heaton has found his private live being written about all of a sudden and Finn Wolfhard has had to deal with some pretty wild stuff on social media that no 14-year-old should have to put up with.

As you are studying, you look over and notice that actor Brad Pitt is just a few tables away. Still more amazing, he catches your eye and then approaches you.

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Perhaps the real issue is not that men want sex so much more than women, but rather the perception that such an uninvited male stranger could be dangerous and is clearly sexually unsavvy given that he uses ineffective methods to get what he wants.

The danger issue may be particularly salient to women, given that men are generally larger, stronger, and more likely to be sexually deviant. Suppose it's not a stranger that approaches you, but a well-known, attractive celebrity?

This weekend he found himself, once again, in the middle of a massive beef on Twitter after a fan called him rude when he wouldn't stop and take a picture with them.

Twitter Chandler's Twitter account has now been made private and the video is no longer available to view but here's what happened: In the first clip in the video, Finn is walking out of his hotel and into the car as the guys says: "Hi Finn, I've never met you." Finn replies "Hey." In the second half of the video, Finn arrives back at his hotel and the guy asks for a picture.

Interestingly, not a single female responded in the affirmative when approached by an unknown male.