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A six-pack doesn't hurt, but it's not necessary.” 7. Appealing to a woman’s sense of humor immediately ups your odds of getting her to have sex with you.

To wit: Russell Brand is almost frightening to look at, but you can’t argue his success in the sack.

“Death metal may turn you on You can throw on some Sade or Marvin Gaye, and at the worst she’ll think it’s cheesy, but at least it’s not a distractor. Before you launch into your come-back-to-my-place lines, talk about shared moments from the night you’ve shared. “You meet a woman in a bar, and she knows it could go somewhere—and so do you—so roll with it.

There is certain music that goes with a little bit of romance, but other music is a turnoff.” And again, asking her what she likes to listen to is a surefire way to impress. “For women, it’s all about mood and timing and sex talk too early is a big risk,” says Dr. Eventually you will get her back to your place, but don’t talk about it. “Confidence is rooted in, ‘I am comfortable with myself and I believe in what I’m doing,’ and being ego-driven is primarily based in insecurity,” says Dr. “Confidence comes from the inside out, and ego is coming from the outside in.” So don’t brag about your sweet wheels or that you’re tight with a hot-shot club promoter, let the cool things about you leak out more subtly.

Sometimes sexual intercourse is called coitus or copulation and is more casually known as having sex or sleeping together.