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You can either sell them at a used media shop or swap them online using services like Paper Back Swap and Swap ADVD.

In either case, you’ll get rid of stuff you don’t watch or read or listen to any more in exchange for either some money or new media to enjoy.

Not only is a library a warehouse of books, most libraries also have extensive CD and DVD collections you can check out.

Many libraries also have “story time” for young children, film nights, book clubs, concerts, author readings or lectures, and many other events that you may be unaware of – completely for free. Many towns have community sports fields where both youth and adult sports leagues and activities are regularly going on throughout the weekend.

My favorite podcasts include The Splendid Table (on food topics), Marketplace (on economics and business), Radio Lab (scientific and philosophical ideas), Fresh Air (interviews of general interest), This American Life (quirky general interest stuff), and This Week in Tech (technology news), among many others.