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It’s also not a cure-all, and it’s not right for everybody.

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Even if your husband considers the tattoos the only way to “prove” your commitment to the marriage (which is a ridiculous proposition), you don’t have to engage with him on those terms. Friend wants her teenage years: I’m really worried about my friend “Laura.” Laura grew up in a conservative community and married at 18.

Her husband was a family friend, and she didn’t date anybody but him.

A: None of this sounds particularly like “normal” teen behavior, and I’m not especially sympathetic to the argument that because someone had what she judged an insufficiently wild youth, she is now entitled to re-enact that time in adulthood, especially when that re-enactment involves serious child neglect.

Finding yourself is one thing; multiple arrests and child abandonment is quite another.

This might not be a workable compromise if you’re genuinely uncomfortable being around someone who’s high.