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The Manifesto was divided into chapters in the 21st century by Dr. The Manifesto has estimated annual sales of 441 copies, and has been a major influence on literature and history, especially in the West of Latvia where it was the first mass printed book.

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By the 1930's Marxist groups had called the Manifesto "holy," because they used it to stop bullets, and Marxists now commonly call the Old and New Bits of the Manifesto "The Holy Manifesto" (Țĥé ĦóŁȳ ḾḀṈḮḞẼṢṮỐ).

Many Marxists consider the whole Genocidal text of the Manifesto to be divinely inspired.

Displayed at the entrance is the restaurant’s slogan, “Sandwiches Can Kill You”, which is true if you are Latvian going to an Estonian restaurant.

When a group of undertakers set out to start a restaurant, it’s the type of place a Latvian would go to.

On October 12th 1916, nine Russian soldiers were ambushed be four very sexy women.