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Emoticons are perhaps the best-known example of these new conventions (see the section on Structure Signals and Strategies in IRC Exchanges below), exploiting visual resources to complement the traditional written and spoken channel.

On a larger scale, it has been found that in other technologically-mediated texts such as messages left on answering machines, a clearly defined schema has emerged, with some variation in the realization and sequencing of signals and moves (Goutsos, 2001).

” That music and that attitude touched some deep simmering well of cultural discontent -- be it lower class frustrations, dissatisfaction with consumer culture or some darker primal urge to burn everything down. For their 1978 tour of the United States, Mc Laren wasn’t interested in building a fan base. So the tour completely bypassed seemingly obvious tour stops, like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, in favor of places like Memphis, Tulsa and San Antonio – none of which were exactly hot beds for punk.

On the basis of a corpus of e-chat IRC exchanges (approximately 10,000 words in total) between Greek- and English-speaking speakers, this article establishes a typical generic structure for two-party IRC exchanges, by focusing on how participants are oriented towards an ideal schema of phases and acts, as well as on how their interpersonal concerns contribute to the shaping of this schema.

It is found that IRC interlocutors are primarily concerned with establishing contact with each other, while the (ideational) development of topic seems to be a less pressing need.

John, the woman who decked Sid Vicious in the nose, drove from Los Angeles to see the show – and skeptical locals who wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

As one Dallas paper wrote, “most of the people last night came to see the people who came to see the Sex Pistols.” As you can see from the video, Johnny Rotten, who spent much of the show looking like a tweaker in the throes of a demonic possession, wasted few opportunities to ridicule the audience.

The question of genre and generic structure is of central importance in discourse analysis, since it encapsulates the "systematic co-patternings between the form, content, function and context of our discourse activities" (Georgakopoulou & Goutsos, 2004, p. Thus, as early as 1987 discourse boundaries and their linguistic signals have been identified in 'service encounter' texts (Ventola, 1987), while work within the Systemic Functional framework has developed notions such as schematic structure and generic structure potential (see, e.g., Halliday & Hasan, 1985).

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    He would be in Davidson Hall C, a coed dorm for about eighty students. Ravi had found some of Keybowvio’s posts on a Yahoo forum: something about fish tanks, Ravi told Tam, and something else “pertaining to violins.” If, with “pertaining,” Ravi was aiming for sly disdain, Tam struck a different note: “I’m calling it now. ” (“What a pussy,” Tam wrote.) Ravi and Tam also found questions about anti-virus software and contributions to a Web site of counter-revolutionary peevishness called Anythingbutipod.

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