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Plenty of categories for whatever people are into, including specific ethnicities such as “German” or “Brazilian,” which means it’s also great for people trying to decide where to go on their next vacation. Madbitties has tons of videos from nearly every porn star that you can think of.

They also make it easy and convenient to download the videos right onto your computer, so you can still find ways to pleasure yourself even if the Internet’s down.

They also have a live cam section, in case the millions of pre-recorded footage isn’t enough to satisfy your urges. Pornhub’s basically the Old Country Buffet of free internet porn sites.

Want to see some big name actress get railed for the 400th time? Want to see some 18-year-old girl film her audition, then disappear from the industry? In fact if you wanted a poorly cooked steak and mashed potatoes to go along with your porn, they’d probably have that to.

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