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That incoming chat bubble harboring the menacing dot-dot-dot is a technological blessing and curse.

On one hand, you know when someone is in the process of answering your text; on the other...

I didn’t know what to say because is there ever a good answer to that?! Agreeing with her will make you appear pompous, and even worse -- you're admitting you noticed another woman on your date. Deflect her allegation with a slice of humble pie and a compliment: "Haha I doubt it!

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If the answer is "yes" then according to me it's sexting. More on Hooking Up at Sex Tip from a Guy (And Our New Favorite TV Show!

The question of sexting boils down to what someone finds sexy. And that's just it, it's really up to you: what constitutes a sext, what constitutes a flirt, and what constitutes a plain old texty text. __Have a question about Dating, Relationships, or Sex for Single John?

Well ladies, here's a PSA: they completely think of it that way. "When a girl responds to me with only 'K,' so many thoughts race through my mind," says Andrew, 29.

"I can't tell whether she's mad at me, unenthusiastic about my suggestion, or just busy at the moment; she's given me almost nothing to work off of." Beware! For guys, receiving this text from a girl is like trying to decipher a road sign with eight arrows pointing in eight different directions.

printed a study showing that 10 percent of kids age 10-17 have received or sent a sexually suggestive images, only 1 percent have shared images that display explicit nudity. It's probably a tiny minority of the kids doing all the sexting, and 2.